Speak Well Daily

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I am here today to bring to you the incredible page Speak Well Daily, on Instagram.

The page brings a new word in short videos from movies or TV series every day. The chosen term is defined and you can listen to it in context!

The perfect match: you read the word and its definition, watch the scene and listen to the characters put it in context!

Speak well daily

Oh, don’t you have an Instagram account? NO WORRIES! The link for the page is available for anybody. You do not have to hold any social media account!!! 😉

I hope you like it as I did! Leave your comments sharing your experience!


Sequence Adverbs

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Are you having so much fun this Sunday? I hope so.

Today we are going to learn more about Sequence Adverbs.  Sequence adverbs often come at the start of a sentence or clause and act as a marker as to order. We often use them when giving instructions on how to do something, make something or go somewhere.

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The benefits of a bilingual brain

Hi, everyone! What’s up? 😉

Today I will cover a topic that has been more and more discussed as time goes by.

It’s widely known and obvious that knowing more than one language can make certain things easier — like traveling, communicating with all kinds of people, watching movies or plays effortlessly. But are there other advantages to having a bilingual (or multilingual) brain?

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Help! I’m not improving my English!

Hello, everyone! How’s it going? 🙂

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not improving your English? The good news is that you ARE improving, but you just aren’t noticing it.

In this video, Emma recommends some helpful tips anyone can use to evaluate their progress: keeping a journal, goal setting, and other techniques.

After watching this useful lesson, you will have new tools to measure your success. Answer this quiz.

Did you enjoy the lesson? Do you have any doubts or suggestions? Leave a comment!

Job interview tips

Hi, guys! How is it going? 🙂

As time goes by, a larger number of recruiters and companies require English from the applicants, everywhere in the world. In Brazil, this is a rising trend so we must prepare ourselves and be ready to speak English with confidence at any time!

Tips from Cambridge English Channel:

In this talk, teacher Ronnie presents some common questions you will probably be asked and how to answer them!

Learn what to say to impress and get that job!

Page on Facebook: Samburger Foundation.

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When was the last time you faced a job interview? How was it? 

Please, share it with us if you feel comfortable to do so!

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Hello, everyone!

This time I want to cover a very peculiar theme concerning any additional language we may study: the idioms. But what are these?

An idiom is a phrase or a fixed expression that has a figurative or literal meaning.

Idioms occur frequently in all languages. It is estimated that there are at least twenty-five thousand (yeah, 25.000!) idiomatic expressions in the English language. Read more here.

So is there a way to familiarize with at least a good number of idioms?

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How to express opposing ideas in English: despite, although, nevertheless, in spite of…

Hey, everyone! What’s up? 😉

Do you need to know a simple trick that will help you sound more academic in your speaking? This video will teach you how to show the opposing viewpoint in writing and speech. We have another post explaining how to give opinions in a general way.

You will learn how to use words like althougheven thoughdespitein spite of and nevertheless. They help you effectively introduce opposing ideas or facts in speech and writing. Despite it sounding complicated and fancy, it is quite easy to learn!

You can practice your new English skills by doing the quiz at the end of the lesson. Do not hesitate to contact me if you still have any sort of doubts: leave a comment!

KITCHEN and COOKING Vocabulary

Hello, guys! How are things with you?

Food, can’t live without it… 🙂

These lessons are going to help us understand better great part of the structures we normally use when cooking.

Watch these awesome videos to be able to talk about your cooking: with the first one learn an old recipe at the same time. You won’t be tested on your cooking skills, but take the quiz to test your understanding of the lessons!

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On an airplane

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? Fine? 🙂

This time I’m bringing to you a lesson in which you can find great explanation for all terms we deal with when we are on an airplane. Why?

English is the most common second language that crew members speak in a flight. Whether you are a student, businessman or a leisure traveler, this lesson can help you learn important words and expressions to use while you are on an airplane.

So, leave your comment and I’ll know if you got the point! Enjoy your week!