How to start a conversation: 5 things to say after “HELLO”

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You are about to talk to an English speaker and you don’t know what to say? Don’t worry! In this video, you’ll learn easy ways to start a good, useful conversation. You’ll learn how to choose topics for conversation and how to keep it flowing. Let’s learn! Continue reading

Understand phone conversations in English

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If you get nervous about having conversations over the phone in English, you are not alone… (Actually, I would say this explanation is also highly valuable for conversations in person.) This is a common challenge all people face while getting confidence in learning a new language.  Continue reading

Indirect questions

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Now is the time to learn a bit more about Indirect Questions or Embedded Questions.

There are two kinds of questions in English – direct and indirect. We use indirect questions if we want to sound more formal or polite, especially when we are talking to people we don’t know.

When we create indirect questions, we use introductory phrases such as:

Can/could you tell/show me …? / Do you know …? / Would you mind telling/showing me …? / Have you any idea …? / I wonder … / I wonder if you would mind telling/showing me …?


1) (direct question) What time is it?

(indirect question) Could you tell me what time it is?

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English does not make sense!

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You might be surprised by the title of this post and I confess: me too! This morning, while I was checking the news on Engvid’s Facebook page, this was their latest post and I got myself reflecting on how it is challenging to study and get fluent in any additional language.

As our choice is for English, watch here Ronnie’s latest lesson showing some words and expressions that just do not make sense and take the quiz here after watching it.

And more: some time ago, I read this text by chance on the internet and I decided to share it with you. Continue reading

Perfect tenses

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Now we will talk about the Perfect Tenses. We will examine their use in both the simple and continuous aspects – past, present and future forms.

In grammatical terms, perfect tenses are used to refer to completed or ongoing events. Let’s learn a little more from these videos: Continue reading

How to talk about yourself

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While learning English, we want to meet other students and start practicing our language skills as soon as possible.

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to talk about yourself with English sentences that will let you talk confidently!!! 😀

Watch this lesson, and then do the quiz to perfect your conversation skills.

Afterwards, leave a comment answering the questions shown in the lesson!

Let’s know more about each other! 

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Talking about WORK

Chris Piascik work type lettering

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Do you have a job and do you know how to talk about it in English?

In this vocabulary lesson, some English words and expressions we use to talk about work are being taught.

Make sure to do the quiz to review your new vocabulary! 😉

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How did you like this lesson? What can you tell me about your job?

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Spelling challenge!

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I was here just surfing the internet when I suddenly ran into this spelling challenge. I decided to try it and I aced it! \o/

Sem título3

Anyone is free to test it, but I highly recommend intermediate students* to do so.

*Interchange: Book 1 (Unit 8 on), Book 2 and Book 3.

Click here to start! (Be honest, right?)

Share your result in the comments section so we can talk about the words you have difficulty with!

Have a good test!

P.S.: My view on it? Sincerely? Few words sometimes confuse me. But keeping reading updated is the best choice. 😉

8 TEST & EXAM Expressions

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Let’s learn some new vocabulary this afternoon!

If you have a test coming up, you are probably talking about it with your classmates. Describe your testing experience accurately by learning some common expressions that are often used when talking about tests and exams.

Now that you have just watched it, KILL THIS QUIZ with your new knowledge!

How about leaving a comment with a personal experience in which you can use one of the new words learned?

Mine is: I passed Biochemistry by the skin of my teeth.

You may also use the comments section to express yourself in any way, OK? 😉 See you there!