Understand phone conversations in English

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Talking about WORK

Chris Piascik work type lettering

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Do you have a job and do you know how to talk about it in English?

In this vocabulary lesson, some English words and expressions we use to talk about work are being taught.

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Writing mistakes

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As English learners, we must watch every single word we write carefully. It is not always easy, you know, but we can avoid mistakes by simply being attentive to what we write.

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First impressions

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At work, on a date, while hanging out, at a job interview – we all want to make a good first impression. Anywhere, anytime! Here are proven ways to make it happen!

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Job interview tips

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As time goes by, a larger number of recruiters and companies require English from the applicants, everywhere in the world. In Brazil, this is a rising trend so we must prepare ourselves and be ready to speak English with confidence at any time!

Tips from Cambridge English Channel:

Ideas from the channel Let’s talk:

In this talk, teacher Ronnie presents some common questions you will probably be asked and how to answer them!

Learn what to say to impress and get that job!

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Read more suggestions here.

Personality test: longer/shorter

When was the last time you faced a job interview? How was it? 

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Cover letter: is it enough?

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Looking for a job? This information may be really useful to you.

Connecting with an employer in person before the interview stage is more difficult than writing to them or applying through formal online channels. But it emphasizes again the importance of knowing people and networking when pursuing a job.

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