Unfriending on Facebook

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Call it the most obvious research study ever.

A study at the University of Colorado, Denver found that unfriending people on Facebook can lead to real-world consequences. Essentially, people take their “friends” lists very seriously. Christopher Sibona, the study author, found that 40% of people avoid real-world contact with someone they know unfriended them on the social networking site.

People will usually remove acquaintances who are boring, tedious, rude, or post way too often. Watch more:

Has unfriending ever backfired in real life to you? Or, has someone upset you by removing your online relationship or friendship? Are these social networking labels the new norm of socialization, or are they essentially unimportant?

An ever changing world

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Have you ever thought about how much our lives have changed after the internet and the new technological devices? The numbers are incredible!

Here is a short video that shows a little of it!

What’s on your mind?

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Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really? Do you believe in everything you see? How do you deal with it?

Watch this movie and tell me about it later!

Facebook statistics

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Well, I watched this video by chance and got surprised at how huge Facebook company has become.

The most interesting is this video is dated back to 2011!

What did you think of it?

Feel the Music!

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Are you fans of music, just like I am?

At Feel the Music you can learn English while listening to music! There are hundreds of super nice songs and some different exercises to do in the meanwhile! It’s very fun and practical!

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Excessive use of media

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I’ve got a breathless video for reflection today! What do you prefer? How about disconnecting a little to connect in a different way?

Denzel Washington also gives his opinion on this matter to BBC News.

Would you please answer his last question in the comments section? 😉

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Virtual choir


I’m completely amazed at how technology has embraced us tightly… Watch this here! The best part is you can change the subtitles of the video! However, focus on what you’re going to listen. And here you will find much more! You’re going to get speechless, just like me!!!

Now you will see one of the several awesome videos this choir produces… INDESCRIBABLE!

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