English does not make sense!

Hi, everyone! 😀

You might be surprised by the title of this post and I confess: me too! This morning, while I was checking the news on Engvid’s Facebook page, this was their latest post and I got myself reflecting on how it is challenging to study and get fluent in any additional language.

As our choice is for English, watch here Ronnie’s latest lesson showing some words and expressions that just do not make sense and take the quiz here after watching it.

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Hey, everyone! 🙂

If you really enjoy practicing English listening to music (like me!), you cannot miss this website. LyricsTraining.com is a very fun and simple way to enhance your listening, reading and writing at the same time!

First of all, you register using your e-mail or Facebook account. After that, you pick up a song of your choice. To give an example, I chose “When Love Takes Over” (David Guetta, feat. Kelly Rowland). What’s next?

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Speak Well Daily

Hi, everybody! What’s up? 🙂

I am here today to bring to you the incredible page Speak Well Daily, on Instagram.

The page brings a new word in short videos from movies or TV series every day. The chosen term is defined and you can listen to it in context!

The perfect match: you read the word and its definition, watch the scene and listen to the characters put it in context!

Speak well daily

Oh, don’t you have an Instagram account? NO WORRIES! The link for the page is available for anybody. You do not have to hold any social media account!!! 😉

I hope you like it as I did! Leave your comments sharing your experience!

Virtual choir


I’m completely amazed at how technology has embraced us tightly… Watch this here! The best part is you can change the subtitles of the video! However, focus on what you’re going to listen. And here you will find much more! You’re going to get speechless, just like me!!!

Now you will see one of the several awesome videos this choir produces… INDESCRIBABLE!

Make comments if you feel it proper!