Predicting the future with will

Hi, guys! What’s up? 🙂

Today I am bringing different ways to predict the future using WILL. Be attentive to these lessons and do not hesitate to share your doubts in the comments section!

  • Simple Future:

This post may clarify any doubs you may have.

  • Future Continuous (or Progressive):

Take the quiz here.

The next video is also bringing the difference in using WILL x BE GOING TO x FUTURE CONTINUOUS. Let’s take a look!

Now, take the quiz and complete the sentence in the comments section, as he started in the video:

1) In 5 years time, I will be…

  • Future Perfect:

Watch the following video and answer:

2) What will you have done by your next birthday? Are the guy’s ideas similar to yours?

More complete explanation + quiz:

  • Future Continuous (or Progressive) x Future Perfect:

3 thoughts on “Predicting the future with will

  1. Clara Gomes says:

    Teacher!! I really appreciated the video about Future Perfect because I actually don’t remember if I have studied this grammar point. Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hi, dear! I am really glad to hear that! 🙂
      Actually, (at least with me as your teacher) you have not learned it yet. This is a point in grammar from book 3. 😉
      Kisses and keep on being this studious! ❤


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