How to talk about yourself

Hello! How do you do? 😉

While learning English, we want to meet other students and start practicing our language skills as soon as possible.

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to talk about yourself with English sentences that will let you talk confidently!!! 😀

Watch this lesson, and then do the quiz to perfect your conversation skills.

Afterwards, leave a comment answering the questions shown in the lesson!

Let’s know more about each other! 

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Talking about WORK

Chris Piascik work type lettering

Hey, you! 😀

Do you have a job and do you know how to talk about it in English?

In this vocabulary lesson, some English words and expressions we use to talk about work are being taught.

Make sure to do the quiz to review your new vocabulary! 😉

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How did you like this lesson? What can you tell me about your job?

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