Teach girls bravery, not perfection

Hey, you! What’s up? 😉

Today is International Women’s Day and it has been vigorously celebrated all around. I have chosen a delighting message to show you. This has made me reflect upon our role in the world in a special way.

Reshma Saujani is the founder of Girls Who Code. They work “to educate, inspire, and equip high school girls with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in computing fields.” Why does it matter? 

In middle school in the U.S., 74% of girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), but when choosing a college major, just 0.4% of high school girls select computer science.

According to Saujani, “we’re raising our girls to be perfect, and we’re raising our boys to be brave.” After realizing that, she has gotten the challenge to socialize young girls to take risks and learn to program. “To truly innovate, we cannot leave behind half of our population.”

Her goal? One million women in computer science by 2020.

Here is the video with her talk:

Read more about it here.


But how to boost our confidence?

Now it is your turn.

Do you agree with the message all this content conveys?

Although it does not mention women directly, why do you believe the second video shows a girl – instead of a boy or a group of people, for example – with lack of confidence?

Please answer in the comments section! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Teach girls bravery, not perfection

  1. Clara Gomes says:

    Hello! I couldn’t agree more with her. We are raised in a way that make us think we need to be perfect, to clean the house, to cook, to work, to take care of our children and many other tasks. Our culture usually teaches that women can’t use some clothes, can’t go some places alone or can’t say what they think. This need to stop and it needs to be RIGHT NOW!!

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hi, dear!
      First of all, I really admire your point of view and your stopping by, of course. ❤

      To me, the heart of the matter is not the tasks themselves, but the fact that it is assumed they are EXCLUSIVELY OURS. And it makes no sense if we consider a household made of 2 or more people. Why not sharing?

      We lack security in our country and unfortunately this is out of our control. On the other hand, we are as smart as men and denying us any job opportunities JUST because of gender is unacceptable.

      The biggest problem here is when she says we are not taught to take risks, as though women could NEVER be wrong. This is deep and needs to be changed ASAP!

      Self esteem is life! 😀

      One more time, thank you!


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