Writing mistakes

Hi, guys! 🙂

As English learners, we must watch every single word we write carefully. It is not always easy, you know, but we can avoid mistakes by simply being attentive to what we write.

Continue to test yourself by taking the quiz.

In the comments section, please share what mistakes you have made or if you got 100%! 😉

And here you can read how to speak English without making mistakes. Is that possible? (updated on Mar 7th, 2016)

See you!

2 thoughts on “Writing mistakes

  1. Wesley Henrique (Nem) says:

    Well, we could see diferent kinds of mistakes. I don’t remember if I usually make some of those, but I learned very much from them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hey, Nem! Thanks for your comment!
      It is quite important to be attentive to this kind of video because we DO learn from mistakes too, don’t we?
      Keep on being this special student!
      See you! 😀


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