What NOT to say to people – and 20 things we SHOULD say way more often

Hey, you! 😉

Today I’ll teach you what NOT to say to people and 20 things we SHOULD say way more often!

You will learn with Ronnie conversation topics that you should NEVER go into, because they are insulting and can make people dislike you. They are different from culture to culture, but to an American, English or Brazilian person, you are being rude by mentioning them.

Check out this lesson so you can be more confident making friendly conversation in English!

Take the quiz here!

On the other hand, a video has gone viral on the internet these days. Kid President believes the things we say can help make the world more awesome.

Here he shares a special list of 20 things we should say more often. What would you add to it? In his own words, “what do you think people should say more often?”

Deep, huh? 😉

Feel free to leave your opinion/comment about the videos! 🙂

Oh! What about me? I think people should say more: “you are amazing, just the way you are!” ❤

6 thoughts on “What NOT to say to people – and 20 things we SHOULD say way more often

  1. Ewerton Paranhos says:

    Hello Teacher! Ronnie is amazing! She has great feelings!
    I confess, something is stronger than me sometimes, so I make some mistakes! However, I try to avoid some comments to not be in a embarrassing situation! haha
    At last but not least, this guy is so cute! I’ve already watched this video. Loved those 20 things wh should say more! haha

    thanks! See you

    Liked by 1 person

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hey, dear!
      Thanks a lot for sharing your view with us! I really appreciate that! 😉
      I believe we all make mistakes sometimes. And we do need to care about what we are going to say before it hurts people.
      This kid is a “must-watch”, isn’t he? ❤
      See you soon!


  2. Clara Gomes says:

    Hii teacher!! I really loved the two videos. I think Ronie is more than right about what she said. I’m a curious person but when I want to know with someone is pregnant I stay curious haha I would know what to do if the person were just fat.
    Finally: this little boy is so cuteee!! He just said important things. I think people should ask more often: Are you hungry? ahhaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hello, dear! I feel happy to know that!

      About Ronnie’s video, the core lesson is that we must be more careful about what we say to people. A useful tip is to think before we ask: “would I feel comfortable if I heard this?”

      HAHAHA! That is a pretty cool one! Loved it! Next time you come, I will ask you, right? ❤ And YES, he is so cute!

      See you soon! Kisses! :*


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