Hi, guys! 🙂

Today we will practice CONDITIONALS, a really important matter in English. We use conditional sentences to say one thing depends on another. They can be used to talk about real or imaginary situations. One of the clauses starts with if (or a similar word) – this is the conditional clause. The other clause talks about the result of the conditional clause happening. Off we go!!!

  • Zero:

  • First and Second:

  • Third:

  • All of them contextualized:

There are some extra exercises at the end of this page.

Now it’s your turn. Can you give me a sentence with your own information, using one – or more –  of the structures given?

Example: If I hadn’t watched TV until late last night, I would have woken up earlier this morning.

I am eager to read you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Conditionals

  1. Ewerton Paranhos says:

    If i had watched these videos before, I would have used more conditionals. hahah
    Teacher, great videos. They are small and so easy to understand. They helped a lot to clarify some doubts!

    See you!

    Liked by 1 person

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