The dangerous ways ads see women

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I’m bringing today a current matter to discuss.

Jean Kilbourne is a cultural theorist. Since the 1960s, she has examined the ways women are portrayed in American advertising.

“Gradually, I began to see a pattern in the ads, a sort of statement about what it meant to be a woman in [American] culture.”

“The pressure on women to be young, thin, beautiful is more intense than ever before,” she says, citing the photo manipulation powers of Photoshop. These computer-altered images distort society’s expectations for the female body, encouraging both sexes to accept this as normal.

Watch the whole talk below:

And here is a little more of what you can find over the internet:
Now, tell me something: had you ever pondered about this before meeting Kilbourne? Would you be able to exemplify an ad from your country that reproduces what she has just presented? How do you feel?
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3 thoughts on “The dangerous ways ads see women

  1. Clara Gomes says:

    This video is very interesting! I haven’t thought so deep about this matter and now she opened my eyes. I’m sure that bier’s ads reproduce what Kilbourne said: women’s body is separated, they use clothes that show their bodies a lot and they’re objectified. I just hate this kind of ad!!

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      • mirellenascimento says:

        Dear, first of all, thanks for your comment!
        Actually, I had not thought about that before watching it. I got really annoyed at the fact it is on purpose. And we get used to watching these kinds of ads and doing nothing…
        Moreover, there are more companies in our country that do it. Beer, clothing, jewelry and so on…
        Let’s keep an eye on them! 😉
        See you!


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