Speak Well Daily

Hi, everybody! What’s up? 🙂

I am here today to bring to you the incredible page Speak Well Daily, on Instagram.

The page brings a new word in short videos from movies or TV series every day. The chosen term is defined and you can listen to it in context!

The perfect match: you read the word and its definition, watch the scene and listen to the characters put it in context!

Speak well daily

Oh, don’t you have an Instagram account? NO WORRIES! The link for the page is available for anybody. You do not have to hold any social media account!!! 😉

I hope you like it as I did! Leave your comments sharing your experience!


4 thoughts on “Speak Well Daily

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hi, sweetie! I appreciate your stopping by! 🙂
      The secret of an effective learning is to keep on reading diverse sources on the internet. That’s the way it is! And I feel glad you gave your feedback!
      See you!


  1. Ewerton says:

    Teacher, Greaaaat suggestion. I love instagram, and it’s a great tool to help our listening and improve our vocabulary. Thanks a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hey, sweetie!

      Glad to know you liked it!
      All these websites have interesting suggestions for us! And we practice while we see the word, its definition and in action!

      Keep on practicing!!! 🙂

      See you!


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