Real Life Global

Hey, guys! What’s up? 😉

I am here today to present this INDESCRIBABLE community for English practice:

Real Life Global


Founded by three passionate, world traveling, native speaking English teachers, RealLife is a community based learning portal whose mission is to inspire, empower, and connect the world through English, both online and in-person.  

They believe that English should not be learned as a dry and boring school subject, but as an inspiring and enriching lifestyle that expands your perspective on language, life, and the world. Everything they do is designed to help you connect your learning to your life, and to help you reach your full potential, not only as a language learner, but also as a human being. Read more here.

How does it work? You create a free account and click on “Power Chat“. That’s it!!!

All of a sudden you are able to communicate online, for free, with people from all over!!! See here my experience talking to a super cool Nigerian guy:


Try this unique experience and let me know about it!!! 🙂 Leave a comment!


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