KITCHEN and COOKING Vocabulary

Hello, guys! How are things with you?

Food, can’t live without it… 🙂

These lessons are going to help us understand better great part of the structures we normally use when cooking.

Watch these awesome videos to be able to talk about your cooking: with the first one learn an old recipe at the same time. You won’t be tested on your cooking skills, but take the quiz to test your understanding of the lessons!

Leave your comments if you feel willing to do so!


3 thoughts on “KITCHEN and COOKING Vocabulary

  1. Ewerton says:

    Teacher, i really enjoyed these videos. As you know, i love cooking. Sometimes, it’s possible to find some recipes in enlgish. Thus, this video could help me to increase my vocabulary in this specific area.


    • mirellenascimento says:

      Dear, first of all, thanks for your comment!

      Actually, watching this kind of video is enormously helpful when it comes to learning new words! I know you love cooking – and you do it PRETTY WELL – so from now on you have the chance to think in English every single time you cook! 🙂

      Enjoy your day!


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