Months of the year

Hello, everybody! 🙂

These videos are designed for students, teachers and anyone wanting to learn English, especially for those who need to learn how to say the months of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December (note the CAPITAL LETTERS).

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You Get What You Give

Hey, everyone! How do you do?

I love music in general but this song has a special meaning to me. “You Get What You Give” is a 1998 song by the New Radicals. It was an international hit, the first and most successful single from their album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too.

Among some records, it reached number 30 on Billboard Hot 100 Airplay in January 1999, number 36 on the overall Hot 100 and number eight on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. It reached number five in the United Kingdom and number one in Canada and New Zealand. It has been played over 1 million times on U.S. radio. Continue reading

KITCHEN and COOKING Vocabulary

Hello, guys! How are things with you?

Food, can’t live without it… 🙂

These lessons are going to help us understand better great part of the structures we normally use when cooking.

Watch these awesome videos to be able to talk about your cooking: with the first one learn an old recipe at the same time. You won’t be tested on your cooking skills, but take the quiz to test your understanding of the lessons!

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On an airplane

Hello, everyone! How are you doing? Fine? 🙂

This time I’m bringing to you a lesson in which you can find great explanation for all terms we deal with when we are on an airplane. Why?

English is the most common second language that crew members speak in a flight. Whether you are a student, businessman or a leisure traveler, this lesson can help you learn important words and expressions to use while you are on an airplane.

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EITHER, NEITHER, SO, TOO – How to agree and disagree in English

Hi, everyone!!!!

Do you get confused by words such as “too”, “either”, “neither”, and “so”?

Do you ever agree with an opinion that you really don’t share? Or disagree when in fact you think the same thing?

Sometimes this happens because you are not sure of which words to use to agree or disagree. Check out this lesson:

After that, test yourself with the quiz.

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