Hi, guys! Let’s do some exercises on prepositions in general! I hope you learn a lot from them! Bear in mind that you are supposed to make questions anytime you need! =)

Exercise 1 – Basic level (at, in, on), here for mixed prepositions and here

Exercise 2 – Intermediate level (at, in, on)

Exercise 3 – Advanced level (mixed prepositions 1)

Exercise 4 – Advanced level (mixed prepositions 2)

Exercise 5 – TOEFL test

Exercise 6 – for British English readers Verb + Prepositions combinations (Advanced level)

Games – click here


Read more here!


2 thoughts on “Prepositions

    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hello, dear!
      Yes, it is. And, of course, you may find zillions of other exercises and lessons and so on rsrsrss… Let’s keep on doing research and learning!
      Thanks for your feedback!


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