Unfriending on Facebook

Hello, everyone! What’s up?

Call it the most obvious research study ever.

A study at the University of Colorado, Denver found that unfriending people on Facebook can lead to real-world consequences. Essentially, people take their “friends” lists very seriously. Christopher Sibona, the study author, found that 40% of people avoid real-world contact with someone they know unfriended them on the social networking site.

People will usually remove acquaintances who are boring, tedious, rude, or post way too often. Watch more:

Has unfriending ever backfired in real life to you? Or, has someone upset you by removing your online relationship or friendship? Are these social networking labels the new norm of socialization, or are they essentially unimportant?

4 thoughts on “Unfriending on Facebook

  1. Cristina Oliveira says:

    On the second video the psychologist said something that I couldn’t agree more: “people needs attentions, needs to be seen”. I see the use of social network, for some people of course, a pure narcissism. For instance, the whole “selfie” thing is the new way to tell the greek mythology. People are so concern to show the others how great life they are having, “my life is better than yours”, and consequently they are forgetting basics thing in their lives, like “enjoying the moment”; and for me that’s so annoying it’s so disturbing that I don’t have proper words to describe it. I never unfriended anyone on facebook I found people annoying actually, but I never did this, because I think people can live their lives the way they want to, I really don’t care about what they’re posting and I don’t know if anyone has unfriended me either, because I really don’t pay attention or care.
    I use facebook for work and is the easiest way to read news or my poetries (I follow a bunch of poetry pages) haha So, that’s why I don’t pay attention on people rs
    Posting about localizations, what are you eating, doing or whatever, this is the end for me… I keep asking myself “why?”.
    When I thought social network couldn’t get worse the politics time had arrived, a insible war has begun! It’s basicly the hell on earth ….

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Well.. It is not the first time we have a talk about it rsrsrs… And it may sound repetitive but I agree with every single word you have written…
      Facebook posts have become worse than “trash” news we can read anywhere. It is unbelievable how human beings can be under this stupid stuff and be directed like that.
      Actually, I have never unfriended anyone because I do not worry about what they post and I scarcely follow my timeline to check what is going on… =D
      I do not cancel my profile for the same reason: it is a powerful tool for me to find or be found by clients or bloggers from all over. Moreover, the myriad useful pages that it has is an amazing attraction for us!
      Thanks for your contribution!
      See you soon!


  2. Ewerton Paranhos says:

    mirelle, I appreciate those videos. Nowadays it is very common, isn’t it? However, i’ve never unfriended anyone, and i think nobody has unfriended me because i try do be simple in my page. I don’t share everything i do, i don’t share pictures wishing good things. if i want to say something to someone, i send some inbox message or i call them. I am not addicted to facebook anymore, i can survive without it and if someone unfrind me, it does not bother me indeed!

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Ewerton, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!
      Actually, it has become more and more common because people are replacing their real lives… You and I think exactly the same and Facebook is for me just a professional networking site.
      Nothing is better than being delighted by true moments with real people!


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