Hi, guys! Let’s do some exercises on prepositions in general! I hope you learn a lot from them! Bear in mind that you are supposed to make questions anytime you need! =)

Exercise 1 – Basic level (at, in, on), here for mixed prepositions and here

Exercise 2 – Intermediate level (at, in, on)

Exercise 3 – Advanced level (mixed prepositions 1)

Exercise 4 – Advanced level (mixed prepositions 2)

Exercise 5 – TOEFL test

Exercise 6 – for British English readers Verb + Prepositions combinations (Advanced level)

Games – click here


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We are the champions

Hello, everyone!

This song is definitely one of the best, ever! Queen is irreplaceable!

30 years ago, the band took to the stage at 2am in the pouring rain to play in front of 250,000 people in January 1985 as part of The Works tour. Televised to over 60 countries across the world, Queen’s shows were watched by nearly 200 million people.This fantastic band has just announced a concert in Rock in Rio Brazil 2015. Queen and Adam Lambert are performing on the opening night on September 18! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Click here to listen to it and sing it! How about practicing some English this sunny/cloudy/rainy afternoon?

Talking about the weather

Hi, guys!

In a previous moment, we had the opportunity of watching this video, in kids category, to help us learn the weather.

Well, now is the time to go a little deeper. Follow the steps below, please!

1) Learn the vocabulary here.

2) Watch the video:

3) Do the recording exercises proposed on Step 1.

Let’s also practice talking about the weather with games and exercises!

I hope you enjoy it and get more confident!

Leave any comments if you feel inclined to do so!

Prepositions of place

Hello, guys! How are you doing? 🙂

Let’s learn a little more about prepositions of place!

This video is so creative and evident!

Let’s try this game: Memory game (credits to teacher Jose Celso Barbosa Filho)

I hope these tips are useful for you! Leave your comments!

Use of articles

Hey you! 😉

This afternoon I was thinking about the use of articles in English. A, AN, and THE can be very confusing.

Learn exactly when and how to use articles in English in these important grammar lessons!

A/An (Intro):

The (Intro):

For more detailed content:


Do some exercises here and play games to ckeck your understanding!

Here you can also find a very useful reading! 🙂

Remember you can post any doubts you might have, OK?! Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Unfriending on Facebook

Hello, everyone! What’s up?

Call it the most obvious research study ever.

A study at the University of Colorado, Denver found that unfriending people on Facebook can lead to real-world consequences. Essentially, people take their “friends” lists very seriously. Christopher Sibona, the study author, found that 40% of people avoid real-world contact with someone they know unfriended them on the social networking site.

People will usually remove acquaintances who are boring, tedious, rude, or post way too often. Watch more:

Has unfriending ever backfired in real life to you? Or, has someone upset you by removing your online relationship or friendship? Are these social networking labels the new norm of socialization, or are they essentially unimportant?

What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

Hi, everyone!!!! 😀

How are you doing?

This is such an interesting video showing what people eat for breakfast in several countries! It’s extraordinary!!!

You can’t miss it!

Now tell me a little about you: what is your favorite breakfast style?

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