An ever changing world

Hey you!

Have you ever thought about how much our lives have changed after the internet and the new technological devices? The numbers are incredible!

Here is a short video that shows a little of it!


4 thoughts on “An ever changing world

  1. Cristina Oliveira says:

    Well, I don’t have the answers for your questions! Rs
    But, very interesting you mention how technology is taking control over us and how immature we are to develop or control those amazing gadgets.
    I watched a movie called “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick; this movie is incredible insane! As soon as it finished you don’t understand almost nothing! Haha I made some tea, sat down and started to ponder and things (slowly) made some sense . The movie talks about how we have been developing ourselves throughout the History; we created tools to live better in society (survival) and these tools (machines) have been taking control over us.
    It’s really shocking watching machines gaining “lives” and men worth nothing. It’s crazy!
    I highly recommend this movie, it is very philosophical; and make us think the path we are walking….
    PS: the movie was made in 1968 and is a great lesson for current days!

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion, dear!
      And to make you feel a little scarier, I took a subject for my postgraduation course called Tecnologias, socialização e cultura. There was a text from an author stating in a very secure way how technology would be like in 2015. Ok, they were predictions, but this guy is a researcher – not a fortune teller. And guess what? He was ABSOLUTELY right! He made no mistakes. When was the text written? 1998! However, some of his observations about health and life are insane for me: he guarantees death is going to be avoided at any cost or circumstance forever…
      Mankind is much more worried about making predictions for the future than living and understanding the possible consequences these technological advances may bring. We are living for tomorrow. All sci-fi movies born in Hollywood are based on real projections some visionaries propose…
      Living a day at a time is not what these guys wish…


  2. Cristina Oliveira says:

    Wow. This short movie, it blew my mind away! I am an enthusiastic regarding technology and its benefits; thinking how much our society has developed and how much we achieved thanks to science and technology it’s just amazing!
    For me, the world only had begun when the “Great Navigations” started, the world began to get smaller in this great chapter of our History. We had bunch of wars, unfortunately, that made our science develop and machines were create to end these wars; we had beautiful minds behind those machine that innocently starting to create computers and suddenly, a few chapters ahead in our History Book, we have great scientists, philosophers, literary movements, mathematicians, physicians, artists all those amazing people gathered together with one goal: improve ourselves, improve our society.
    We had cinema, radio, TV, computers, internet and countless gadgets and we found ourselves again structured in a “Pangea”, but not on the Earth context, but in a virtual one “virtual Pangea”. The world was never smaller; the information was never that accessible.
    Like everything in life we have the positive and negative aspects walking side by side, as the information get easier, as the number of gadgets increases to make our lives better; the criminality has achieved incredible numbers in the past few years. So, people must be careful about what they are sharing online.

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Yes, dear! Thanks for your enchanting comment!
      In fact, what worries me the most is knowing these recent technological improvements are totally out of control. I mean, any invention today is obsolete tomorrow. Never before had we experienced such drastic changes!
      All these devices were meant to be helpful; however, I sometimes get myself thinking: are we controlling the gadjets or are they controlling us?
      In other words, was the human race mature enough to develop smart machines? Sometimes I ponder about where it is going to take us… Will we have answers for all these questions?
      One more time, thanks!


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