How to convert text to speech

Hello, my sweeties! How are you doing? 🙂

Let me tell you about awesome tools to convert texts to speeches!

What for? Maybe you need to review that scientific article in English or listen to your conversations (yes, the ones you create every single unit). It’s AMAZING! You can choose the language you want to listen to, the voice recorder and the speed.

Curious? Let’s check it out!

  • works in a very simple way, and the download is extremely easy to be done: by the own page (mp3 or wav). Just type the text, choose the voice, the speed, rename the file and click on START. 😉


From Text To Speech

After clicking on “Create Audio File”, go to “Download Audio File”. Here is the screen you will see:

screen 3

Copy the link of the page and paste it on Online Audio Converter or on Both are similar!

Using Online Audio Converter, choose  the option URL, paste the link and click on “Convert”. Then you download your file and save it on your computer!

screen 4

Cool, huh? Let’s try this innovative way to practice English today!

Leave a comment making suggestions and leaving your impressions!


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