New Year’s Resolutions – Step 5

Hello, sweeties! 😉

Now is the time to use Youblisher and create a digital magazine!

You will choose ONE of your resolutions for the New Year and present an action plan to make it come true. It is important to reinforce that you are going to take into consideration everything you have learned since the beginning of the activity!

You will make and upload a PDF file answering the following questions:

These are the questions that must be answered

Here is a tutorial to use Youblisher! Ready? 😀

And click on the image to see a model (source):


Friendly tip: in order to get your really nice magazine, you can have beautiful slides created using Power Point or the free editor at Libre Office. The secret is to save the file in .pdf format using the program itself or an online free tool and you will have it ready to be converted at Youblisher!

After that, you need to record a 2-minute presentation using any voice recorder you know and convert it into a link (using SoundCloud, for example).

Next, post your links (magazine and audio) here in the comments!

You have 4 weeks to do so!!! 😀

Finally, you must read and comment 2 of your peers’ productions in the comments section below within 1 week. 😉

Besides, keep in mind that you are expected to do your best to accomplish your goal up to the end of our school year!!!

Good luck!!!

New Year’s Resolutions – Step 4

Hey you all! 🙂

For our next step, please read this instruction carefully.

Now is the time for finding your own inspirational material!

Search on the web any kind of content that will bring you trustworthy tips to go ahead! You may find videos, texts, articles, interviews, testimonies, among others, that show real steps to accomplish New Year’s resolutions.

Then, post it/them here!

Next, feel free to read and comment your classmates’ material posted at Padlet! You have 3 weeks.

*** You are expected to analyze at least one classmate’s suggestion (s) and leave your impressions in the comments section below. 

Here are 2 suggestions! 😀


Have fuuuun! ❤

New Year’s Resolutions – Step 1

Hi, sweeties! 😀

2016 has just started and every single year we bring our resolutions with us, isn’t that right?


Created with Tagxedo (

Well, let me know about you! Please, follow the instructions to answer this poll.

But be careful: you’ve got only a week to do so, ok?

I am really too curious to check it out! I am posting the result here, OK?