Virtual choir


I’m completely amazed at how technology has embraced us tightly… Watch this here! The best part is you can change the subtitles of the video! However, focus on what you’re going to listen. And here you will find much more! You’re going to get speechless, just like me!!!

Now you will see one of the several awesome videos this choir produces… INDESCRIBABLE!

Make comments if you feel it proper!


2 thoughts on “Virtual choir

  1. Filipe Nolasco Pedrosa says:

    Hi Teacher! I love the work of Eric Withacre ! He translates contemporary music at its best and possibilities. I need to sing something of his own. It would be fantastic! Thanks! See you later.

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hey, dear!
      Thanks for your contribution!
      Actually, I also got surprised by his competence and technical quality… He’s incredible!
      Please, if you do it, let me know! Canarinhos choir is also indescribable! Congratulations on your job!
      Kisses! See you.


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