Practicing the A – B – C!

Hello everyone! Enjoying our website? 😉

Let’s remember how to say the alphabet? Quite important, isn’t it? To spell correctly an e-mail address, names of people, places and so on…

1) Video + exercise:

2) Video + exercise:

3) Video (example of introducing):

You may comment whenever you feel inclined to do so!


6 thoughts on “Practicing the A – B – C!

  1. Vanessa Silva says:

    Hi, dear! How are you doing?
    In my opinion, this exercise was very important to help in my english, in my homework and in the questions that I will need to do for others people. I look after did this homework that it’s the first and more important when you start to learn the english. Some situations is much important and necessary for example when you give one information about adress, e-mail or names of the places, people.
    ow, I don’t have doubt pronounce of the letters alphabet. It was very good!

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  2. Clara Gomes says:

    I just can’t believe that I found this video. I was thinking about the english alphabet yesterday!!
    I learned the alphabet listening that old music, but some letters’ pronunciations weren’t that clear.
    I loved that video and,as she said, we need to learn it because it’s very usefull in our lives. How could he write/say an email address?

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hi, dear! How are you doing?
      I’m glad to know it has been useful to you! In fact, when we are kids, learning through some songs is effective enough. We barely stop to think how indispensable learning and practicing the alphabet is! And Ronnie’s lessons are very well conducted. I’m a fan of hers! 🙂
      Thanks for your contributions and keep on being that studious!

      P.S.: I’ve not forgotten the numbers an the other stuff, ok? 😉


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