Simple Past and Present Perfect

Hey you!

Worried about understanding the difference between Simple Past and Present Perfect?

Try these videos!

Oh, haven’t you got the message? Bring your doubt so we can solve it next class!


6 thoughts on “Simple Past and Present Perfect

  1. Olga Ceribeli says:

    Hi teacher!!
    I think it´s very important to watch diferents videos to understood the grammar.
    So, use the Present Perfect for an unfinished time, to tells about experiences in your life.
    And use the Simple Past for a finished time, for a definite time in the past.
    So, I took my doubts.


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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hi, dear! First of all, I am really glad you liked them!
      Congratulations on your efforts and keep in mind they are indispensable to help you learn more and more!!! 🙂
      See you!!!!


  2. Vanessa Silva says:

    Hello, Teacher!

    I liked videos and understood grammar.
    Simple Past, is anything finished and you can say the time that thing happended.
    Present Perfect, is anything finished or not, because, It can be happening, but don’t necessary to say the day exactily.

    Thank you

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    • mirellenascimento says:

      Hello, dear!
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂
      This is the main point! We need to focus on their differences in order to keep on practicing them correctly!
      You did a great job in our class this morning! Congratulations!!!! 😀
      Keep on studying hard!


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