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New Interchange users, please access and practice the grammar points given.

Connect users, please access and practice the grammar points given.

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Here are all the tracks:

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How to give opinions

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Expressing yourself is always a challenge in the English language, especially if I am talking about my view on something. Do you feel confident when you are asked about your opinion?

Watch these videos carefully and make a comment about them: check if they helped you!

– What NOT to say:

– Formal and informal ways to express yourself:

– How to agree or disagree with something said:

– Preparing for TOEFL and IELTS:

– List of adjectives for expressing opinion: and

Practicing the A – B – C!

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Let’s remember how to say the alphabet? Quite important, isn’t it? To spell correctly an e-mail address, names of people, places and so on…

1) Video + exercise:

2) Video + exercise:

3) Video (example of introducing):

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Use of WOULD – accepting and declining invitations

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Afraid of making, accepting or declining invitations in English? It is over now!

The following lessons are bringing rich material for you to get to the point!

Watch this video and enjoy it!

Making informal invitations:

Making polite invitations and accepting (several well-explained examples):

Declining: (several well-explained examples)

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